Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Intimacy of a Small Team

Although most of us departed SFO on Wednesday, October 23, our entire team of 7 did not fully convene until Thursday evening at the Gracia Gardens Hotel in Nairobi.  Martijn ("mar-tine") had left earlier to spend time with family and friends in Holland before joining us and Aaron Fisher had been in Nairobi for 3 weeks prior.  Chelsea and her 13-year-old daughter, Ella had flown from SFO with Carrie and met up with Monte and Bill at the Amsterdam airport.
Oh, well, at least we all made it!

After a good night's sleep, we headed out in 1 van (yes, that's right, only 1! for the first time no second van) for the Masai Mara with Carlos, our intrepid driver and safari guide.

We had 2 days of safari (driving around checking out incredibly exotic animals) before our van trip to the tiny village of Rodi-Kopany where we would spend a full week with the children of Achungo.